Aloha Shellery

At Manny’s Diving Adventures, our priority is the safety of our divers as well as all living beings underwater. To assure that no harm is done, we ask you not to touch anything unless it is handed to you.

We know how beautiful the Hawaiian seashells are, and that it is very tempting to pick them up! However, almost all shells you will find underwater are occupied by the original creator or by a hermit crab, which sometimes can be hard to tell. Other shells, such as the cone shell, have venom glands which can be deadly even for a human being.

In order to protect the marine life, as well as our divers, but to provide you with some special souvenirs from Hawai’i, we offer a variety of unique Jewelry and Accessories made from shells that are collected empty from the beaches around the island of Oahu.

Purchases can be made in our Etsy Shop.

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