Wreck Dive Sites

Let’s discover together the most amazing wrecks found in the depths of Oahu!


The Sea Tiger Wreck

The Sea Tiger was a Chinese trading vessel that carried illegal immigrants into the islands of Hawaii in 1990. In 1999 it sank into the depth of the West of Waikiki where it still remains and offers living space for a variety of marine creatures.


The Yo-257

The Yo-257 was a Yard Oiler belonging to the US Navy that sank in 1989 only 1.5 miles off Waikiki. Today it is known to be a beautiful habitat for many sea creatures and one of the top places for advanced scuba divers!


The San Pedro Wreck

The San Pedro was a Korean fishing boat in the South Pacific Ocean until it settled down in Hawaii. It was put down in 1994 by the Atlantis Submarine Company just for visitor acquisition.  The San Pedro wreck offers living space for a variety of sea creatures such as sharks, rays, eels and of course the Hawaiian green sea turtle.