Reef Dive Sites

Come with us and enjoy diving to the top reef sites of Oahu!

Turtle Canyon

Turtle Canyon is one of the most popular dive sites located just a few miles away from Waikiki beach! This reef originated from volcanic activity thousands of years ago and today gives rise to the natural habitat of the famous Hawaiian green sea turtle. Perfect spot for first time divers!


Horseshoe Reef

This dive site got its name based on the unique shape of the reefs and is known as a habitat of the Moray Eel. Maybe you are lucky and can even spot a White Tip Shark!



Nautilus Reef

 The Nautilus reef is a great dive site for advanced divers as well as beginners! It originated from a lava field that is now covered with hard corals. This reef gives living space to a variety of fishes such as the Black Durgon or some types of the Butterflyfish.

Kewalo Pipe Reef

The Kewalo Pipe reef is named after an underwater steel pipeline that broke into 2 pieces. It is located at the South Shore of Oahu and reached by boat. You can find lots of sea creatures such as the Hawaiian green sea turtle, puffer fishes as well as White Tip Sharks!