Reef Dive Sites


Turtle Canyons

Turtle Canyons is one of the most famous dive sites located at Maunalua Bay and is a perfect spot for first time scuba divers. The reef gives living space to many sea creatures such as butterfly fishes, moorish idols, eels and of course to the Hawaiian green sea turtle.


Koko Crater

Another beautiful dive site for experienced as well as first time scuba divers is the so called “Koko Crater”. A short boat ride of about 10 minutes will take you to the two main craters of approximately 35-40ft depth where you will find a big number of the Hawaiian green sea turtle!

Hawaii Loa

Hawaii Loa Ridge is another dive site located at Maunalua Bay that mostly consists of a lot of craters, bigger than the ones found at Koko Crater. This dive site is habitat of the Hawaiin green sea turtle and if you are lucky, you might spot a white tip shark!